Santee Field Alexa F-2 (Polled)

MDGA #: XA01138P

Sire: Santee Field Tarzan (XA00928P)

Dam: Moores Pond Pipit’s Mocha (XA00630)

Alexa was born 2/2/19 and joined our herd in December 2019. She’s kidded one time unassisted and showed attentive mothering instincts. Alexa produced 1/2 gallon upon freshening milking twice a day, and we have high hopes that it will further increase upon the second freshening based on her dam’s production. Alexa’s udder has a high, wide attachment in the rear and nicely sized teats for hand-milking. Her dam’s udder has a strong medial, large-sized teats, and produces a gallon when milked twice a day. Her sire’s dam (Alpine) has a strong, high attachment with good-sized teats and produces about two gallons a day upon freshening. Not only does Alexa have excellent milking genetics, but she is also polled. Alexa happens to be our most personable, social doe and loves to be around people.