We started raising registered Mini-Alpines in 2015 for their personable companionship, and also they are the perfect backyard dairy animal due to their smaller size. Our goats produce half a gallon to one gallon each depending on the doe and freshening stage, which is more than enough to make cheese, kefir, soap, and more. Since they are a cross between Nigerian Dwarf and Alpine goats, the milk has a higher butterfat content due to the Nigerian half, and they have a longer milking season from the Alpine half. 

Our kidding season begins in February typically. After a few days with their dam, we start bottle-feeding the kids. We feel that bottle-feeding makes them more sociable and easier to handle for their intended purpose later on as dairy goats and/or pets. The kids are fed with their dams’ milk and disbudded within their first week. We usually sell the kids when they are 8 weeks old, but on occasion, will sell earlier to goat owners with bottle-feeding experience or later depending upon the situation. Mini-Alpines make wonderful companions and are excellent milk producers for extended periods of time.  

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